Carrier pigeons are my passion

My grandfather wanted to give up pigeon racing, but my uncle convinced me to take over the dovecote; my parents were certain back then that I would not want to do it anymore after half year anyway…

I was eight years old and my parents were wrong.

During that year, it was 1991, I participated in a race for the first time with the young pigeons.

Up until 2007, my successes were limited and the homing performances were not so great, but in the years to follow, there were more and more pigeons there who could fly amazingly.

There was often room for imrpovement regarding consistency.

With the selection over the years, I have managed to create a homogeneous strain that is currently able to not only win top prizes, but rather also can show the necessary consistency.

You could say it took awhile, but in the end that is exactly what pigeon racing is: trying things out and experimenting until you find your way.

The first really good pigeon was DV 09043-06-155 (W); she clearly left her traces in the current population.

A good pigeon is most important.

A working dovecot is the basic requirement for this.

I have found my racing home in the club 0666 Kirchen – RV Hoher Westerwald – Regional Association 407 Mittelrhein-Südost; the travel direction is southeast.

As a fan of fast pigeons, I place a lot of value on speed.

My focus is on top prizes.

Championships that are decided on the last page of the prize list are of less importance.

Since the breeding pigeons are often shared, there is no publication of a pairing list for a reason.

If you are interested in young pigeons with a certain combination/pairing, please contact me!

Florian Grundmeier